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Information technology allows us to collect and manage enormous amounts of data. We couldn’t have built the site without this of course. It speaks for itself that our site will also make use of the data collected during the site visits to expand or adjust the site. But in the light of our open politics we would like to explain you which data is collected, and which not.

It is impossible to navigate this site without allowing the use of cookies.
Cookies are necessary to:
1/ maintain your basket
2/ remember selections to avoid repeated questions.

The selection from intro screen to the screen of your requested items takes about 2 to 3 steps. If we don’t use cookies to remember your selection, it is impossible to give you the selection result.

Furthermore, we also register these cookies to see if you have ever visited our site before or if you are a completely new visitor. But mind you, this is the only thing that they register. They don’t give us any information on who you are; neither do they give us access to IP addresses that could identify you. If you use software that cleans your cache of cookies after you close your browser, or if you delete the cookies yourself, then you will always be recognized as a new visitor each time you visit the site.

If you proceed to purchase an item on our site, it is clear that we will need your data. That is why we ask your e-mail address. We do not send junk mail; please don’t give us a junk mail address. We need the e-mail address to contact you in case there would be a problem with your order.

If you don’t want to enter your data every time you buy something on our site, you can register yourself. This is not obligatory, but a service offered to you to make shopping easy. And as we are thinking of implementing a loyalty program for frequent buyers, it can become pretty interesting to be registered.

For the future, we still do have a lot of plans. As stated somewhere else, we first were collectors for 30 years, before becoming stamp dealers. Our plans are not only in the commercial direction, but also in the direction of information. If you are interested in this, please check this upon registration. If you don’t check it, we will never bother you with this again. That is also one of the reasons why collectors that don’t want to buy yet, still can register themselves in order not to miss this information. This registration information will only be used by ‘Het Medallion’ and will never be passed on or sold to any third party.

From our hosting-provider we get a lot of information on the use of our site. This ranges from the number of visitors per day per country to the top ten of the most visited pages. Quite a lot of data as you can see. This data is solely used to track problems and adjust the site where necessary. The collected data stays anonymous and will never identify a single user.